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Extra Points

As a responsible installer working in compliance with electrical regulations and many other standards, we have to ensure that any work we carry out does not make the installation less safe than before we arrived. We become responsible for the parts of the installation we add on, or alterations we make.

This means that we carry out a visual inspection of key safety features required by the electrical regulations to ensure the new work will be compliant with current regulations. This does not mean we have to upgrade the entire property but may require additional protection added to the new wiring, we may choose to protect the entire circuit we have connected to if this is cost effective, we also have to check type of wiring, earth bonding and circuit protection even to add a socket or light.

In many cases, no additional work is required, we may advise of some items that would benefit from being upgraded. Any additional work required to provide the points requested will be included in your estimate. The age of your existing installation will affect how much, if any, additional work is required

Certain work requires notification to your local council building control department, this comes under Part P of the building regulations, this will be included in your estimate. Many jobs require an electrical installation certificate, this shows we have inspected and tested the new work and it is in compliance with the electrical regulations.

We can provide the following:


Need an extra socket or socket moved? We can supply and fit 13amp sockets in a range of decorative finishes from white plastic through to matt black or polished chrome. Sockets with USB outlets are now widely available, not to mention WiFi extending or wired network extending sockets.

We are also happy to replace your existing sockets with a new finish or change single sockets to doubles to provide more points.


Need a switch moved? Why keep reaching around the door or stumbling accross the room in the dark to get to the switch? We can add or move your light switch to just the right place. We could even make it automatic or remote controlled. We can match all the socket finishes for your switches too.

Aerial & Satellite

We can provide freeview and FM/DAB radio aerials. Satellite dish installation and repairs, we can provide extra satellite outlets or satellite to another room (Sky & Freesat). We are happy to install your TV or AV equipment and setup if required.

Wifi & Networking

We specialise in wired and wireless network installation and maintenance. WiFi not reaching that far corner of the house? We have a range of solutions to solve the problem from a single wifi booster to a complete wired or Wireless network providing high speed access to the internet. We can also provide seperate networks accross the same equipment to keep business and personal or visitors data separate. We often find multiple range extenders and that each has its own name and password, how about upgrading to a seamless wifi experience with a single name (SSID) and Passcode wherever you are in your property, we can even get you on the internet in a summerhouse, home office or other outbuilding

Telephone Points

We can add, move or remove phone sockets. We are often called in to identify which cables are in use and remove old poroviders wiring to tidy up a hallway or study. Now there is a choice of phone providers, when changing supplier the new company often install new cabling, they rarely remove the old ones, meaning a bundle of wiring all round the house clipped to the skirting boards or door architraves. We can tidy up or completely hide the wiring that is needed and remove any old cabling, ready for redecoration. We are also able to replace or relocate your master socket to a more convenient location

Everything Else

Looking for something we haven't mentioned? We like a challenge, and install, maintain and fault find a wide range of electrical things. Generally, if its electric we are happy to help. Contact Us tell us what you require and we will see what we can do. If we can't do it, we often know someone who can.