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Some of the projects we have completed.......

CCTV installation

We supplied and fitted 4 cameras outside the property all running back to the DVR shown in the second picture, this records images from all cameras 24/7. The images are stored in excess of a month until the disk is full where they are then automatically overwritten. The client can download images to USB stick to keep if required and also access the system via smartphones or tablets.

In this setup a small monitor was fitted by the front door to be able to view visitors or suspicious activity around the property before opening the front door. We can provide a larger monitor to display images elswhere if required or even use an existing TV or Computer monitor.

Colour Changing Light

A quick extra for a little girls bedroom after we added some extra points and replacement downlights.

We fitted an LED strip behind the oak beam, this allows the wall to be coloured by the RGB LED's, any colour can be chosen and the strip can be left to change slowly or flash different colours. Gentle mood lighting right through to flashy disco lighting can be selected by remote control. A great alternative to a night light when dimmed down too. Being LED its inexpensive to run as well.

Cellar Gym

Cellar conversion, once damp proofed we fitted new sockets, wall lights and a humidity control fan.

The wiring is run in plastic conduit because the damp proof system allowed a minimum of penetrations to the wall, each of which had to be treated before normal fixings could be installed. We were not able to conceal the wiring in the walls as we would normally. Despite this the new lighting sets off the room and makes it a useful part of the home.

Replacement Consumer Unit

We rewired the kitchen ready for a complete refit and recommended a new consumer unit along with some improvements to bring the whole house back into compliance with the current regulations.

We replaced the consumer unit, Re-terminated the garage supply (below the consumer unit in the after picture) as it was not terminated correctly. Upgraded the meter tails and earth bonding to the gas and water services. As with any good job, there is not that much to see! All the new wiring is hidden away from view, just how we like it.

Replacement Consumer Units

Upgrade and relocation of a large consumer unit from ceiling height in a toilet to a sensible height within a new cupboard in the next room. We also added an extra supply at the bottom which goes off to feed a holiday let in the grounds of the property.

While replacing the consumer unit, we upraded to RCBO's from a twin RCD setup which means that under fault conditions only the faulty circuit trips rather than half of the consumer unit, leaving several floors in darkness or without power.

Replacement Consumer Unit

Quite unusual in our area, although very common elsewhere in the country, this is a Mantel Board made by Clifton. It is a metal box set in the wall which has just the inside of a normal fusebox inside. In its day it was a good way of making a fusebox look acceptable in the home and left space to keep a torch and screwdriver for re-wiring the old fuses.

All the wiring comes into the top of this box and it would cause significant damage to the wall if it were removed. Fortunately several manufacturers still make a specific consumer unit which is designed to replace the insides to upgrade it to current electrical regulation standards. You can see the old design and modern equivalent where we replaced old for new.

TV Install

We created the recess then wall mounted the TV above the functional wood burning stove. All TV wiring is run within the wall to the cupboard on the right, where the set top boxes are located. We also provided a remote control repeater so the set top boxes can be operated with the door shut

LED Lit Shelving

We supplied and fitted LED lighting to these shelving units which were a bespoke design to fit the available spaces. We highly recommend the joinery company who made and installed these units. The lights are controlled by the existing wall light switch which was re-purposed when the wall lights were removed to make way for the shelving.

The first two units are lit, the third one was to house the TV and games consoles in the playroom.